Dimon, Jain, Blankfein Remember Santander’s Emilio Botin

The death of Banco Santander SA Chairman Emilio Botin at age 79 yesterday prompted a flood of admiration from executives who dominate an industry known for cutthroat competition. Top bankers from New York to Zurich praised Botin and his influence on global banking since he became chairman in 1986. His daughter Ana Patricia Botin was named today to take his place.

“I remember him as a real quality, thoughtful person, a very proud man and proud of what he had put together. He was very steady and very thoughtful, and he was always willing to listen. I mean I really loved him.”

“Emilio Botin was an exceptional man and an outstanding leader. He was a mentor to me, and I will miss him.”

“Over the years, I have admired and respected his extraordinary achievements at Banco Santander. His example as a visionary and financial statesman will set the standard for many years to come.”

“Emilio was a visionary in modern banking and a dear friend to me.”

“We will remember him for his energy, his sharp mind and good heart.”

“Botin was an extraordinary person who leaves a strong bank, a leader in Europe and national champion.”

“Through his long and fruitful professional trajectory, he showed amazing intuition, supported by wide experience and preparation to be always at the vanguard of international financial moves.”

“He had a vision for his bank and implemented it with tremendous stamina and vigor. He was a good friend. In difficult times you could rely on him.”

“In addition to being a brilliant banker and corporate strategist, he was a warm, colorful human being.”

“When the books about the financial history of the late 20th and early 21st centuries are written, he will be among a handful of the leading bankers of his generation.”

Botin “was a unique banker, the best of his generation and the driving force behind the success of the bank.” --Antonio Horta-Osorio, CEO of Lloyds Banking Group Plc

“He combined things few people have: strategic genius and courage with enormous attention to detail to day-to-day operations. He was driven by the passion for the brand and the bank, which he felt was his responsibility and obligation.” -- Luqman Arnold, former CEO of Abbey National Plc, the U.K. bank Santander acquired in 2004 in what was then Europe’s biggest-ever cross-border merger.

“He was a towering force in the modernization of Spanish and European banking. In that he avoided the pitfalls of others, he really had no peers in Europe.”

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