U.K. Warns of Russian Weapon Threat to Airliners, Telegraph Says

U.K. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said more commercial airliners may be shot down by Russian-made rockets if President Vladimir Putin doesn’t curb the flow of weapons to separatists in Ukraine.

The weapons being supplied to militias could “proliferate anywhere,” Hammond said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph newspaper published today.

Russia should “cut off the supply of weapons to the separatists, in particular the supply of sophisticated weapons,” Hammond said. They “could be used to down other civil airliners - and if they are, Russia will have to be held accountable,” he said.

Hammond urged Putin to use his influence to ensure investigators and body recovery experts have unfettered access to the crash site of the Malaysian airlines jet shot down over Ukraine last month, killing 298 people. Investigators are at the site today after hostilities ceased on July 31.

“It is an unspeakable abomination that two weeks after this crash there are still bodies on the crash site,” Hammond said.

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