Japan Wind Lobby Boosts Wind Capacity Target by Half

An industry group in Japan boosted its target for wind power capacity by half to 75 gigawatts by fiscal 2050 as the country expands the use of clean energy.

The Japan Wind Power Association revised the target from a previous goal of 50 gigawatts, announced in 2012, due to more onshore and offshore wind works, Manabu Takamoto, president of the group, said today at its annual meeting in Tokyo.

Under the new target, Japan’s onshore wind capacity should increase to 38 gigawatts by fiscal 2050, he said. Offshore wind will make up the rest from bottom-fixed turbines as well as from floating turbines.

Japan is gearing up to increase renewables, starting an incentive program in July 2012 that pays above-market rates for clean-energy producers. So far, solar makes up most of the added capacity since the program began.

In fiscal 2010, the country had about 2.5 gigawatts of wind capacity, mostly onshore, according to the group. One gigawatt equals 1,000 megawatts.

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