Pimco Leads Protecting Against Inflation: Riskless Return

April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Mihir Worah decided it was time to bet on rising consumer prices in Nov. after TIPS were on track for worst yr on record; now TIPS are rebounding and Worah’s $15.2b Pimco Real Return Fund is benefiting from type of timely call that produced best risk-adjusted result among inflation-protected funds over past 5 yrs, according to the BLOOMBERG RISKLESS RETURN RANKING.

* “The selloff had gone too far and the market was pricing in

a rate of inflation that was just too low”: Worah, named 1

of 6 deputy CIOs at Pimco in Jan. * Fund combined second-highest total return and below-average

volatility in a group of 37 peers with at least $100m * Story Link:NSN N4GCY66JIJV8<GO>

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