Poroshenko to Sell Roshen If Elected Ukrainian President: Bild

Ukrainian presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko is cited in an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper today as saying he’d sell his Kiev-based chocolate maker Roshen if he wins the May 25 election. * “If I am elected, I’ll wipe the slate clean and will sell the Roshen concern. As president of Ukraine, I will and want to only focus on the well-being of the nation”: Poroshenko, according to Bild * “I am not an oligarch and an oligarch should never become president. For me, an oligarchy means that pressure is built up in a conscious way in order to use the political system for business deals. I have always done the opposite. My business was on a precipice in past years because Yanukovych and Russia were fighting me for political reasons”: Poroshenko as cited by Bild * “I have always proven in my years as a businessman that I am transparent. I am the country’s biggest taxpayer and have created numerous jobs. And I have done this without using contacts in politics”: Poroshenko says, according to Bild * Poroshenko says more economic sanctions needed on Russia. “For example, I think it would be right if Germany were to boycott Russian gas until Russia ends its invasion of Crimea:” Poroshenko as cited by Bild * Poroshenko says “tough reforms” needed in cooperation with the IMF and EU to save Ukraine from bankruptcy and that fighting corruption must be a top priority * Asked if he wants immediate NATO membership for Ukraine, Poroshenko is cited by Bild as saying: “No, and that’s not because of us but rather because of NATO. We have the feeling that NATO members are divided about this” * Asked if he expects Russia to invade eastern Ukraine, Poroshenko is cited as saying: “I don’t think that this invasion will happen immediately but there remains a great danger. Russia should know: if they attack east Ukraine, we will defend ourselves with all military means that we have. There’s a

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