Studio Visit: Lit Motors

An electric vehicle that hits the sweet spot between bike and car

Before we went into this we said, “Let’s try to not pull a Segway. Let’s not dump $40 million into a technology and realize that there’s no market for it.” So we built a simulated showroom. We had a very fake model built that looked like a real version, and we had about 50 people come in from our two specific target demographics: young, urban professionals and baby boomer motorcyclists.

Photograph by Ethan Scott

Lit Motors is a San Francisco startup developing a two-wheeled electric vehicle called the C-1. It looks like a motorcycle wrapped in a candy shell and rides like a car. The C-1 aims to fill the commuter sweet spot between bicycle and automobile. Lit founder Daniel Kim, 34, says the vehicle is scheduled to begin production later this year.

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