Best Humidifier: Roolen's Breath

A humidifier for the office with iPhone-like aesthetics
Stop shivering: Adding moisture to the air warms it slightly, combating freezing offices. Stay healthy: Moist air allows your mucous membranes to better fend off bacteria and can also help soothe a sore throat Jeff Brown for Bloomberg Businessweek

Winter air is drying, and that’s before you spend long hours in industrial heat. When lip balm’s not enough, consider the humidifier, an old-school device that many Asian design companies have recently updated. Best among them is Roolen’s latest, the Breath, which just became available stateside. Ultrasonic technology silently creates water vapor with a touch of the 10-inch pod’s sole button; an auto mode gauges the humidity in your office and adjusts the mist accordingly. Fill it, set it, and forget it for a few days. You’ll soon be reminded of its presence by co-workers who inquire about its Apple-esque aesthetics, then ask where they can get one. $129.99;

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