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Lego Goes to Hollywood

How Lego finally trusted Warner Bros. to bring its minifigs to the big screen
Lego Goes to Hollywood
Jeff Brown for Bloomberg Businessweek

Kissing was a point of contention. “We had some kissing in the movie,” says Dan Lin, the producer of The Lego Movie. “It wasn’t lusty. When two minifigs kiss, there’s no tongue or anything. It’s just plastic kissing plastic, which we just thought was hilarious.”

The Lego brand managers were less amused. “They warned us that parents don’t like it when minifigs kiss,” says Lin. “We tested the movie several times. They were right. Parents didn’t like it.” In the end (spoiler alert), the kisses got cut. Instead, there are several romantic moments in the movie, featuring close-ups of amorous minifigures attempting to lock together their fingerless, cup-shaped hands. The effect is equally absurd.