Sao Paulo State Interior May Need to Ration Water: Folha

Sao Paulo state homeowners in the interior may need to ration water as early as this month to cope with the region’s worst drought on record, the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper reported, citing Arly de Lara Romeo, chief executive officer of Sanasa Campinas’s water utility.

Campinas, the state’s third-largest city, will need to ration water if rivers don’t get sufficient rain by Feb. 20, according to the report that also cited Francisco Lahoz, executive secretary of Consorcio PCJ, a water association. The Piracicaba River is at 10 percent of its usual water volume compared with historic averages for February, the paper said.

Homes in the cities of Piracicaba, Limeira, Rio Claro, Sao Carlos and Descalvado are also at risk of rationing, Folha said.

Rain totals in the region, Brazil’s most populous, are as much as 70 percent lower than the historic average since September. As a result homes are being asked to voluntarily cut water usage by half, Lahoz was cited as saying in the report.