Bitcoin Added to Intuit’s Mint Alongside Traditional Accounts

Users of personal-finance application Mint are now able to track transactions using online currency Bitcoin along with their traditional banking accounts.

Purchases using the digital-wallet service Coinbase can be imported into Mint’s ledgers, according to Intuit Inc., which owns the money-management app. Mint has about 14 million users, Mountain View, California-based Intuit said in a statement.

Companies are adding Bitcoin services and accepting them as payment even as governments grapple with how to regulate the virtual currency, which was designed in 2008 to move money across the Internet. Inc. accepts Bitcoins for its household goods, and California’s Sacramento Kings plan to sell basketball tickets using the currency.

Bitcoin, created by a programmer or group of programmers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto, has no central issuing authority and uses a public ledger to verify encrypted transactions. Regulators and law-enforcement officials have expressed concern that virtual currencies could facilitate money laundering and sales of drugs and other illegal goods.