The Cybersecurity Blogger Hackers Love to Hate

Brian Krebs has built a business exposing security breaches
“Some of these communities, you don’t just say, ‘Hey, what’s up, guys?’ ”—Brian Krebs Photograph by Kristof Clerix

The people who dislike cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs aren’t subtle. In early January, Krebs got a bag of poop in the mail. That was better than the time last summer when he received 13 packets of heroin. Both were way, way better than the day last March when a SWAT team descended on his doorstep, lured by a fake report of a hostage situation. “Having multiple automatic weapons pointed at your head is not my idea of a great time,” Krebs deadpans. “The kind of work I do, I paint a big target on my head.”

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