Japan Deploys 4,000 Police to Locate Rape Suspect, NHK Reports

Japan police deployed about 4,000 officers to locate a rape and robbery suspect, who escaped during questioning at a prosecutors’ office near Tokyo yesterday, public broadcaster NHK reported, without attribution.

Police also mobilized 900 vehicles and two helicopters to search for the 20-year-old suspect, according to NHK. The man was arrested on Jan. 6 on suspicion of raping a woman and robbing her of 150,000 yen ($1,430) in cash last week in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture, NHK said.

The suspect fled the prosecutors’ office during a meeting with a lawyer, according to the report. The man was unhandcuffed but had a rope around his waist when he made his escape, the report said. He took the rope off and fled the room without his sandals, according to NHK.

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