Republican-Tea Party Tiff Means 41% Don’t Like Candidates

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Republicans are three times more likely than Democrats to dislike their own political candidates, the latest indication of an intra-party power struggle that will play out in primary elections next year.

* 41% of Republicans say they are unsatisfied with the party’s

choices for president and Congress, while 14% of Democrats

are unhappy with their party picks, according to the

Bloomberg National Poll * Republicans are also more inclined to view their party

unfavorably than their Democratic counterparts, and are

twice as likely to blame their partisan colleagues for

dysfunction in Congress * Tea Party’s image is at a record low since the poll began

measuring it in March 2010 after the activists burst onto

the political scene in 2009 to oppose passage of the Patient

Protection and Affordable Care Act; 48% of survey

respondents have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party, while

30% view it favorably, that’s a decline of 5 percentage

points since March 2012 * 46% of respondents, including a quarter of Republicans, say

the movement’s “call for a significantly limited and

reduced federal government is simplistic and misguided” * 39% of Americans, including 57% of Republicans, say it has

“rightly identified” the role for the federal government * Still, the public’s negative political views extend across

the board; the unfavorability rating for Republicans stands

at 53% while Democrats draw 49% * Telephone survey of 1,004 Americans was conducted Dec. 6-9;

results have margin or error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage

points; findings from subsets, including Tea Party

responses, carry a larger margin of error

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