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Climate Change Is Creating Anxious Fish

Acidic oceans are stressing out fish, say researchers, and that's not good for global food security.
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Seems like humans aren't the only ones anxious because of climate change. Beneath the briny waves could lie legions of stressed-out fish, whose bodies aren't up to coping with the ongoing acidification of the oceans.

Scientists have known for some time that the lowering of the oceanic pH level – the result of humans pumping gigatons of CO2 into the atmosphere – isn't great for marine life. The CO2 reduces the amount of calcium-based minerals in the water, creating difficulties for animals with shells like oysters, urchins, clams, and plankton. The impact to corals is particularly worrisome, as they lose the ability to rebuild themselves after being harmed by other sea creatures and increasingly warmer seas. The death of corals spells difficulty for the animals that live in them, thought to number up to 9 million species.