Suitsupply: The 60-Minute Makeover

Suitsupply brings affordable high-end work wear to the impatient American masses
Photograph by Ysa Pérez for Bloomberg Businessweek

“I tell my guys, you get three chances to find the right fit for someone,” says Nishantha de Gruiter, head of U.S. operations for Suitsupply, a Dutch company whose name pretty much sums up what it does. “If it takes longer than that, you lose their trust.” We’re standing in Suitsupply’s Downtown Manhattan branch, a high-ceilinged, light-filled former SoHo loft. It’s a mix of men’s club and extravagant walk-in closet: The floors are dark wood; the furniture and wall art are candy-colored. The languid sounds of Nu-Soul waft through the air. Mannequins in naturalistic poses and professionally debonair salesmen populate the space. A few times, turning a corner, I mistake one for the other. There’s a wall of ties, a wall of shirts, a sprinkling of shoes and accessories and outerwear, and walls and walls of suits.

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