Saving Kenya's Elephants With Drones

Conservationists in Kenya go high-tech to help battle poachers
Conservationists are using the iPad-controlled Parrot AR.Drone, GPS collars, and Google Earth to track and herd elephants away from poachers Photo illustration by Art Wolfe/Getty Images

In the hills above the Maasai village of Aitong in Kenya, Marc Goss is watching an elephant funeral. He squints a few dozen yards through the bush at 10 grieving pachyderms surrounding the carcass of a fallen comrade speared in its back, its face unrecognizable after its trunk was hacked off and its ivory tusks removed. It’s the third elephant Goss has found slaughtered in four days. “It’s pretty grim,” he says. “It’ll be eaten by hyenas now.”

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