Marathon Training and a Full-Time Job? Step Right Up, Overachiever

How do you train for the marathon and keep your job?
Photograph by Elizabeth Renstrom for Bloomberg Businessweek

Mike Grollman is a marathoner. “I’ve done them all. It’s a sickness,” says the 45-year-old president of Bell-Lap Communications, an entertainment marketing company in Torrance, Calif. Grollman has competed in the Chicago Marathon at least 15 times; he’s also run in London, New York, Boston, and Washington. When gearing up for a race, Grollman estimates he averages “65 to 70 miles per week.” He fits them in while working 80 hours, including weekends. Plus he has a wife and two sons who expect to see him occasionally. How does he fit it all in? “I don’t,” he says. “I end up apologizing a lot.”

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