Digital Detox, a Tech-Free Retreat for Internet Addicts

What happens at a tech-free retreat for Internet addicts
So hard to say goodbye Photograph by Elizabeth Renstrom for Bloomberg Businessweek; Emoticon by Steph Davidson

Julia Test, a 28-year-old freelance photographer, can’t stop checking Facebook. Her last relationship failed partly because she and her ex kept fighting over texts instead of talking things out in person. “It wasn’t a long-distance relationship or anything,” she says. “It’s just easier to say something mean in a text than watching someone’s face when you say it.” Jen McDowell, a director of entertainment at the travel company Olivia, says her bosses have told her she’s too tethered to her job. “I never took vacation,” she says. “Finally, they came to me and said, ‘We’ll have legal problems if you don’t take at least three days off. Please leave.’ ” A woman named Monika, who says only that she works for “a very large company in Redmond, Wash.,” also never takes vacation. Unfortunately for her, her bosses are fine with that.

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