Ryanair Pilot Group Calls on CEO to Discuss Work Conditions

Ryanair Pilot Group, which claims to represent more than half of Ryanair Holdings Plc cockpit crew, urged Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary to engage in talks on issues ranging from contracts to annual leave.

The group is asking for a common basic contract that covers all pilots and wants Ryanair to resolve tax issues that arise as a result of working for the airline, according to document provided by the group. Other concerns include the annual leave system, base transfers and reinstatement of colleagues disciplined because of the request for representation.

“We will be very happy to agree a mutually convenient time and location to open discussions on behalf of the majority of pilots flying for Ryanair,” Evert van Zwol, RPG’s interim council chairman, said in a letter to O’Leary. According to the group, the CEO said he’ll agree to meet with representatives if members exceeded 1,601 staff.

Ryanair pilots work 36 hours to 42 hours each week, which includes flight time, pre- and post-flight duties, turn-around time and training, the RPG said. Trainee first officers are also required to pay 28,500 euros ($39,000) up-front for training when they join the airline, according to the organization. The airline said it had no comment.

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