Breaking Badfinger: Who's Getting the Baby Blue Money?

Badfinger in 1971 (from left): Pete Ham, Tommy Evans, Mike Gibbons, and Joey Molland Photograph by Michael Putland/Getty Images

Ten million people watched Sunday’s final episode of Breaking Bad, with a touching farewell scene set to Badfinger’s 1971 ballad Baby Blue. By Monday morning, the song had been downloaded more than 5,000 times, according to Neilsen Soundscan, boosting its sales by nearly 3,000 percent. Nielsen closes its sales week on Sunday nights, giving Badfinger only a few hours to boost its sales after the finale, so the song will probably jump even higher next week, when number-crunchers take the full measure of what’s already come to be known as Breaking Badfinger. Baby Blue is now a top-selling song on iTunes and is poised to hit the Billboard charts next week.

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