Scots Support for Independence 37%, for Union 47%, Poll Shows

Scottish support for independence stands at 37 percent, unchanged from July, and below the 47 percent who want to stay in the U.K., according to a poll.

Support for the union gained one percentage point from July, and 16 percent were undecided, down one point, the Panelbase poll of 1,002 people published in the Sunday Times showed.

When the undecided were asked how they would vote if the referendum were today, the gap shrank to 48 percent supporting independence and 52 percent backing the union with the U.K., the Times reported.

Panelbase, unlike some polling companies, weights its respondents to match the demographics of the 2011 Scottish parliamentary election, the Times said. If the poll is weighted to match how Scots voted in the 2010 U.K. election, 31 percent would support independence and 53 percent would be against separation, the newspaper reported.

The Times didn’t give a margin of error for the poll, which was conducted from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5.

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