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The Dish's Andrew Sullivan on Bored Lawyers and Turning a Profit on Political Blogging

Sullivan talks about starting his blog 13 years ago, going independent, and running it as a subscription-based business
Andrew Sullivan in London, 2011
Andrew Sullivan in London, 2011Photograph by Francesco Guidicini/Camera Press via Redux

A journalism wunderkind who went on to become one of the world’s first bloggers, Sullivan holds forth passionately, eloquently, and, from time to time, contradictorily, on everything from gay marriage to the Iraq War to the Catholic Church. At the beginning of the year he took his blog independent, in a real-world experiment in the possibilities of monetizing the hard-earned loyalty of his wide reader base.

There is something humorous about interviewing you because so much of your life is on the blog.
I know. What don’t people know? They know everything but my bowel movements at this point. Essentially what happens every day is that I get up and mouth off in front of 80,000 people, something like that. If you actually think of that as a football—you know, like a major football stadium—you actually think of it as a performance, because it’s kind of live. I’ve always described blogging as the closest writing will ever come to speaking.