Susan Wojcicki, Senior Vice President for Ads and Commerce, Google

The Google exec talks about AdSense, TV’s future, and more

AdSense just celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Can you tell me about that project?
Our goal was, how do we enable publishers to be able to focus on the content and have us help them with all the ads? And for users, how do we serve the most relevant ads for them?

And that’s the same technology that helps Google rank things for search?
It’s a little different. We have lots of technologies, and they evolve. Whatever technology we had 10 years ago, we’ve changed. We actually named it Phil.

Bloomberg Businessweek's Sam Grobart sits down for ice cream with Google's Susan Wojcicki.

Yeah, Phil, like a person. So many sites started to use AdSense. And they were able to generate a lot of revenue this way.

We announced last year that we paid $7 billion to publishers. Every month we send out about 100,000 different checks or electronic equivalents of checks.

What are some of the sites you use for news and information?
I read Businessweek.

Good answer. But besides that.
I obviously use Google a lot. I’ve been amazed how many things you can learn on YouTube. Instructional things, like—I just did this—how to do a hair bun. I’ll look at Yelp, too. Amazon. I’ve enjoyed going to my feed on social networks and seeing what people are recommending.

There’s a lot of talk about TV viewers cutting the cord. Can you speculate how that might play out?
There will be a lot more made-for-Internet content, and we should be able to have millions of channels on demand. My kids watch YouTube, but they watch real TV, too. If you fast-forward five years, TVs are going to have Internet capabilities.

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