BlueMountain’s Selemir Departs to Focus on Website for Writing

Dmitry Selemir, who managed structured-credit investments at BlueMountain Capital Management LP, has left the hedge-fund firm run by Andrew Feldstein to concentrate full-time on a writing website he co-founded., which went online July 16, seeks to encourage “a cross-border discussion and exchange of views and opinions and ideas, and that’s quite big,” Selemir, 34, said last week in a telephone interview.

“There’s nowhere really you could go where you could have a constructive discussion without any constraints,” he said, citing the 140-character restriction on Twitter and limited audience on Facebook Inc.’s website.

Selemir, who joined BlueMountain in 2007 and worked in London, left the $15.7 billion firm on June 26, according to spokesman Doug Hesney. His co-founders are his sister Victoria Ablesimova and Deutsche Bank AG trader Sebastien Cottrell.

Scriggler is “a big debate club online,” said Cottrell, 32, who met Selemir when they both worked for BlueMountain in 2008. Cottrell, who continues to trade dollar-denominated structured credit including asset-backed collateralized debt obligations at Deutsche Bank in New York, described the website as a literary version of audio-sharing site SoundCloud Ltd., which lets artists and music labels make songs available to users.

Selemir, from Sarov, Russia, the town formerly known as Arzamas-16 that’s home to the Russian Federal Nuclear Center, attended Moscow State University and moved to the U.K. to work as a physicist in 2001 before joining CQS to trade structured credit two years later, he said.

Cottrell joined Deutsche Bank in 2010 after a year at BNP Paribas SA. Cottrell was born in Ecuador, lived in France and moved to the U.S. when he was 15, he said.

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