Hungarian Parties Reject European Parliament’s Orban Criticism

Hungary rejected European Parliament criticism of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s consolidation of power and accused the legislature of violating its sovereignty.

European lawmakers “wantonly” set new criteria for the nation and overstepped their authority, Hungary’s parliament said in a resolution proposed by Orban’s ruling Fidesz party and passed today. It was also backed by the Christian Democrats and the nationalist Jobbik party.

“We call on Hungary’s government not to yield to European Union pressure, not to allow the impairment of the country’s rights guaranteed by the basic treaty and to continue its policies of making Hungarian families’ lives easier,” lawmakers said, according to a copy of the resolution posted on parliament’s website.

Orban is eroding the rule of law, the EU’s legislature said July 3, urging Hungary to change disputed legislation “as swiftly as possible” to comply with the 28-member bloc’s regulations. Orban said Hungary is being singled out unfairly, telling parliament yesterday that the EU is “unjust, employs double standards and abuses its power.”

The U.S. and the United Nations have joined the EU in criticizing Orban, who’s ousted the chief justice of the Supreme Court, set up a media regulator led by Fidesz appointees and used a two-thirds legislative majority to push through a new constitution.

The EU’s “misuse of power against Hungary” is driven by business interests after the country hurt international energy companies by cutting household energy prices in January, according to today’s resolution.

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