Artist Growth's Management Software for the Music Business

Artist Growth uses data analytics to help manage musicians’ finances
Ke$ha: Her managers use Artist Growth to help keep track of recording and touring schedules Photograph by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

From Napster to Spotify and Rdio, there’s been no shortage of innovation in digital music services. Not so when it comes to business-side tasks such as managing ticket sales, touring expenses, or an artist’s array of social media accounts. Financial management software made by companies such as Oracle and hasn’t really clicked with musicians and record label executives because it isn’t tailored to the music industry, says Scott Booker, the manager of psychedelic rock band the Flaming Lips. “People who are creating software don’t typically understand the intricacies of how the music business works,” says Booker, who’s also the chief executive officer of the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. “We all do things in a haphazard way.”

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