Fox News Hires Media Critic Howard Kurtz to Host Show

Fox News hired media critic Howard Kurtz, who recently came under fire for errors in his reporting, as an anchor of a new version of “Fox News Watch.”

Kurtz will also serve as a media analyst on several other programs and write a regular column on, the News Corp. subsidiary said in a statement. CNN currently features Kurtz on its “Reliable Sources” program, which will continue to air with other hosts after his last show on June 30.

Kurtz, who spent 29 years at the Washington Post before serving as Washington bureau chief for the Daily Beast and Newsweek, has drawn scrutiny for errors in his reporting. On May 2, the Daily Beast retracted a blog post about NBA player Jason Collins that claimed the player wasn’t forthcoming about his engagement. Kurtz left the Daily Beast after the retraction.

In November 2010, Kurtz apologized to readers for posting a story that appeared to be an interview with Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, when in fact he had only been communicating with one of his spokesmen.

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