Belgium Arrests Drug-Probe Suspects for Hacking Port Web Sites

Belgium arrested two people suspected of hacking two “large” container terminal operators’ websites to enable narcotics imports through the port of Antwerp, Dutch authorities said.

“Two information- and communications-technology specialists were arrested last week and are suspected of being responsible” for the high-technology part of operation, the Dutch public prosecutor said on its website today. The pair are still being held and have made several confessions in the meantime, the prosecutor said.

Seven suspects who were probably involved in the large-scale import of hard drugs were arrested in the Netherlands two weeks ago, according to the Dutch prosecutor. The Belgian authorities earlier seized several shipments of narcotics, including batches of cocaine and heroin, the prosecutor said.

Computers operated by shipping companies and agents were also manipulated by installing malicious software hidden in an e-mail attachment, and keyloggers that covertly track keystrokes on a machine, the public prosecutor said. Belgium has put out an international alert for two more suspects, the Dutch authority said.

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