Buy Coco Matos, Klees, Gehry Models in Uptown Galleries

Absent from the U.S. art scene for four decades, Martial Raysse, 77, is back in New York.

The wonderful show taking over Luxembourg & Dayan’s Manhattan space presents rare early paintings, sculptures, assemblages and films by the postwar French artist.

For “Tableau simple et doux,” which brings together paint, photo collage and neon, he draws inspiration from the mythological scene in Francois Gerard’s painting “Cupid and Psyche.”

Also on view are some of the artist’s “things,” as he calls the papier-mache sculptures from his 1974 “Coco Mato” exhibition, named after hallucinatory red-and-white spotted mushrooms.

Prices are $500,000 to $2 million. Through July 13 at 64 E. 77th St.; +1-212-452-4646;

Here are a few more gallery shows on the Upper East Side:

Barbara Mathes: Fausto Melotti’s paper and plaster pieces are the focus of an exhibition dedicated to the Italian artist. The gallery brought out from its own collection Melotti’s stunning 1973 silver-and-gold composition, “Il viaggio della luna.” Prices for “Works on Paper and Plaster” are $12,000 to $850,000. Through July 26 at 22 E. 80th St.; +1-212-570-4190;

Dickinson Roundell: Art by Paul Klee, from the year of his army release in 1918 until his return to Switzerland in 1933, is on display in “Paul Klee: The Bauhaus Years,” curated by Olivier Berggruen. The Swiss artist spent a decade teaching at the German school. All work is on loan and not for sale. Through June 14 at 19 E. 66th St.; +1-212-772-8083;

Gagosian: Large, agitated, colorful paintings by Cecily Brown, filled with anonymous figures, are on view on the gallery’s sixth floor. Walk down and you’ll find a show of photographs from Dennis Hopper’s 1960s “The Lost Album,” all priced at about $15,000. The gallery won’t disclose prices for Brown. Through June 22 at 980 Madison Ave.; +1-212-744-2313;

Leslie Feely Fine Art: More than 30 Frank Gehry process models are displayed alongside photographs showing some of the architect’s completed projects. The models include New York’s Beekman Tower, the Olympic Fish realized for the 1992 Summer Olympics, and the Sonderborg Kunsthalle in Denmark. Prices are $30,000 to $120,000. Through June 29 at 33 E. 68th St.; +1-212-988-0040;

Michael Werner: Paintings, drawings and prints by Elizabeth Peyton, portraying artist Klara Liden, are shown in “Klara 13 Pictures.” The gallery won’t disclose prices. Through June 15 at 4 E. 77th St.; +1-212-988-1623;

Moeller Fine Art: In addition to Klee at Dickinson Roundell, Moeller is offering “Paul Klee: Early and Late Years, 1894-1940,” with 35 works including loans from private collections as well as from the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Switzerland. Prices are $50,000 to $500,000. Through June 14 at 35 E. 64th St.; +1-212-644-2133;

Skarstedt: Robert Mapplethorpe portrays himself wearing a tuxedo, in a leather jacket holding a gun, wrapped in fur with red lipstick. The photographs, alongside eight more, are on view in “Self Portraits.” Prices are $150,000 to $250,000. Through June 15 at 20 E. 79th St.; +1-212-737-2060;

(Lili Rosboch writes for Muse, the arts and leisure section of Bloomberg News. Opinions expressed are her own.)

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