Google Bus Hate: Give It a Rest

San Franciscans protest the Google bus. They need to give it a rest
Illustration by Tane Williams

Some San Franciscans define themselves by what they oppose. In recent years, these no-it-alls have waged mini-jihads against junk food, chain stores, anti-nudity laws, and the America’s Cup races. This spring they found a new focus for their outrage: the Google bus. Since 2007 the company has been using big, Wi-Fi-equipped, white-and-black coaches to collect employees around the Bay Area and bring them to the Mountain View Googleplex, 45 minutes south of the city. In early May there was a public protest against them at a Mission District transit stop. More than 20 cops were on hand—roughly a 1:1 ratio with protesters. The high point? Two slackers smashing a Google bus piñata.

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