Ask a Billionaire: GoPro's Nick Woodman on the Book 'Patent It Yourself'

The camera company CEO on 'Patent It Yourself,' the one book a billionaire-in-training should read

Nick Woodman
Chief executive officer, GoPro
Net worth: $1.73 billion

What’s the one book a BIT (Billionaire-In-Training) should read?

Patenting an idea can be really expensive and intimidating. When I was starting out, I read this terrific book called Patent It Yourself, by a lawyer named David Pressman. It was really straightforward. Using that book, I wrote GoPro’s first patent myself. It was this 60-page tome that I went maniacal on. When I took it to the attorneys to get their opinion and to see how much it would cost for them to finalize it, they told me I’d just saved myself a lot of money—I’d basically done the whole thing myself. More important, the book gave me a good understanding of what’s patentable and what’s not. For any entrepreneur who’s inventing something, it’s the one book you should read.

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