Michelin Names Three-Star Restaurant in Hiroshima Guide

Michelin awarded three stars to Nakashima restaurant in Hiroshima in the inaugural guide to the city and neighboring area in western Japan.

There were two stars for five establishments: Ajiyoshi, Kodama, Sazanka, Tenko Honten and Tokaan. Another 24 restaurants won a single star. The inspectors said cooking standards in Hiroshima were high and based on top-quality ingredients.

“Their travels enabled them to discover gastronomy that is rooted in Japanese tradition as well as local culinary specialties like anago (salt-water eels) and okonomiyaki (Japanese crepe),” Michelin said today in an e-mailed release.

Michelin is generous with its stars in Japan, with Tokyo outstripping Paris for three-star establishments. The new guide follows separate volumes for the Tokyo and Osaka regions.

Three stars mean exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey; two are for excellent cooking, worth a detour; one denotes a very good restaurant in its category. The tire maker has produced restaurant and hotel guides since 1900. They were originally intended for chauffeurs and included motoring tips.

The MICHELIN guide Hiroshima 2013 Special Edition
According to Michelin
Name cuisine type, location

Three stars Nakashima, Japanese, Hiroshima

Two stars Ajiyoshi, Japanese, Bingo Kodama, Japanese, Hiroshima Sazanka, Japanese, Aki Tenko Honten, Tempura, Hiroshima Tokaan, Japanese, Hiroshima One star Akatora, Izakaya, Bingo Erba, Italian, Bingo Fujitaya, Anago, Aki Fukumasa, Fugu, Aki Hanao, Japanese, Hiroshima Higashiyama, Japanese, Bingo Hiroto, French, Hiroshima Hitoshi, Sushi, Hiroshima Irakuan, Soba, Hiroshima Iwaso, Ryokan, Aki Kazura, Japanese, Hiroshima Kimura, Obanzai, Bingo Kitaoka, Japanese, Hiroshima Le Jardin Gourmand, French, Hiroshima Le Miroir, French, Bingo Matsukaze, Japanese, Aki Mille, French, Hiroshima Ozawa, French, Hiroshima Shunnashokuzai Tessen, Japanese, Bingo Sushi Mochizuki, Sushi, Hiroshima Sushiya Oto, Sushi, Aki Takotsubo, Japanese, Hiroshima Tamano, Japanese, Hiroshima Teuchisoba Esora, Soba, Bingo

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