Ashmore Group’s Booth Retires as Research Head, Replaced by Dehn

Jerome Booth has retired as head of research at Ashmore Group, the emerging-market fund that oversees $77.7 billion.

Jan Dehn, former co-head of research at London-based Ashmore, said today in an e-mail message that he is replacing Booth as head of research and spokesman.

Booth was part of the group of ANZ Investment Bank managers that started Ashmore in 1999, buying ANZ’s stake in an emerging-market fund with $500 million in assets. He sits on the board of Anglia Ruskin University in the U.K.

“Jerome feels it is the right time to devote more time to other interests, both charitable and personal,” Dehn said.

Efforts to contact Booth for comment were unsuccessful.

LatinFinance reported Dehn’s appointment earlier.

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