EU May Have Road Map on Modified Carbon Fix in June, Hogan Says

Ireland’s Environment Minister Phil Hogan comments on the European Union proposal to bolster carbon prices in the bloc’s emissions trading system.

Hogan, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU in the first half of this year, made the comments before an informal gathering of the bloc’s environment ministers in Dublin today.

The EU carbon market fix, known as backloading, suffered a defeat in the European Parliament last week after lawmakers declined to support it and instead voted to send it back to the assembly’s environment committee. The rescue plan designed by the European Commission needs backing from both the Parliament and EU governments to be enacted.

On carbon fix talks during Dublin meeting:

“It’s not tabled for a specific discussion but I’m sure it’ll come up in the context of the discussions tomorrow in our informal lunch on climate and energy policies.”

“Member states want to see the emissions trading system continued so it’s a question of seeing what amendments can be put forward at the Parliament level or at the council, in June or later on, maybe in July.”

On outlook for backloading proposal:

‘We’re disappointed with the outcome of the recent vote in the plenary session of the European Parliament on backloading but we do expect that after a period of reflection by the European Parliament, when they have to refer it back to the environment committee, as well as the council of ministers in the context of the discussion tomorrow on future ambition and climate change, that we will be able perhaps by the middle of June to see if we have a road map towards revitalizing the existing proposal with some minor changes.’’

On Germany’s position on current version of carbon fix:

“It’s unlikely that they will come to a definitive conclusion on the existing proposal, which has been rejected by the European Parliament, until after the general elections. But we’re prepared to wait and see if there’s any modest changes that can be made that can meet the wishes of the council, commission and the Parliament.”

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