Batista Cos. Contracted 9.1 Bln Reais in BNDES Loans, Bank Says

Below is a list of BNDES loans to companies and units of Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista’s EBX in the 2005-2012 period, according to information provided today by the press office of Brazil’s development bank. * AVG Mineracao: 2.2m reais (2006) * Companhia Industrial de Grandes Hoteis: 200m reais (2010) * LLX Acu Operacoes Portuarias: 518.6m reais (2012) * LLX Minas-Rio Logistica Comercial Exportadora: 1.32b reais (2009) * Minerminas Mineradora Minas Gerais: 331,200 reais (2005) * MMX Corumba Mineracao: 13.4m reais (2006) * MMX Porto Sudeste: 876m reais (2009-2010) * MPX Pecem II Geracao de Energia: 735.7m reais (2010) * OSX Construcao Naval: 1.74b reais (2011-2012) * Pedreira Sepetiba Ltda: 1.3m reais (2005-2007) * Porto do Pecem Geracao de Energia: 1.41b reais (2009) * UTE Parnaiba Geracao de Energia: 1.29b reais (2011-2012) * UTE Porto do Itaqui Geracao de Energia: 1.04b reais (2009) * NOTE: Figures don’t incorporate payments Batista may have made in the period to pay down debt, and not all loan amounts have necessarily been fully disbursed * NOTE: BNDES has 10.3% equity stake in energy unit MPX, 11.7% stake in coal unit CCX and 33% in SIX technology unit * NOTE: BNDES President Luciano Coutinho said today BNDES “calm” regarding loans to Batista * NOTE: Batista’s traded companies lost up to 90& in Sao Paulo in past 12 months amid missed targets and rising debt

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