How to Think Big, by 'Titanic' Replica Builder Clive Palmer

Ideas are the most powerful thing in the world, far more powerful than money. Best of all, there are no barriers to having great ideas and thinking big. Whether rich or poor, privileged or disadvantaged, everybody is capable of changing their lives and the lives of others by thinking big. It takes imagination, courage, and the will to work hard. Don’t listen to the knockers and the critics, the naysayers and the negativity. To my knowledge, nobody ever built a monument to a critic. They come and go, but big ideas last forever. The great John F. Kennedy said words to this effect: “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.”

I’ve had my share of failures along the way, but they’ve only made me stronger and smarter and the successes all the more sweet. The secret to thinking big is capturing the imagination of the people. That’s where the power lies. It’s like harnessing the tide. If you can cultivate the right idea that resonates on an individual level, it will surge through the population like a wave. The best ideas are highly contagious. They can cross borders and cultures.

The Titanic II was more than an idea about a ship. It was an idea about romance. It tapped into people’s overriding need for love and affection and sharing the journey. It’s a symbol of peace and unity, bringing people from all nations together. It’s a love story which plays on the Jack and Rose in all of us. It’s big thinking about a big ship, but if it can hold a small place in the hearts of many, that’s where its success will lie. There will be no stopping it.

Palmer, the chairman and founder of Mineralogy, is building a replica of the Titanic, scheduled to set sail in 2016. He’s also building a Jurassic Park theme park that will be filled with robotic dinosaurs.