How to Resist Temptation, by Dunkin' Donuts Chief Nigel Travis

Illustration by Steph Davidson

I’m around coffee, doughnuts, and ice cream all day long. You need a little bit of restraint. I also work out. I’m 6-foot-2, 198 pounds, and my body fat composition is 16.7. I’m very goal focused. I went to my doctor for my physical, and my weight has gone down in my last two visits even though I’m 63. He actually said, “This is unusual at your age.” I have a plan where I work out three hours-plus a week. This morning I did 35 minutes on an elliptical machine at home. Sometimes when you’re on the road, 10 minutes is all you can squeeze in, but it still goes toward your three hours. I’m focused on those three hours; I’m focused on my weight. My doctor says I’ve done so well, but I could lose yet another 5 pounds, and I take that as a goal. Actually, I’m eating a glazed doughnut with a coffee while I am talking to you, but I have a view that you need to have a balanced lifestyle. —As told to Venessa Wong

Travis is CEO of Dunkin’ Brands. 

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