How to Juggle, by Domino's Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle

Photograph by Daniel Shea for Bloomberg Businessweek

I learned to juggle because I thought it was cool. I mostly juggle balls, of any sort. The key to juggling is learning how to toss whatever you’re working with—in this case oranges—the same height every time. If you can toss consistently, then you learn how to toss one orange at a time in each hand, and then finally you start figuring out how to change hands. A lot of practice and a lot of dropped oranges is the only way you get better at it. The maximum number of objects I can juggle is three—well, four for a short time until they fall. I can juggle upside down, too, which is tough! —As told to Venessa Wong

Doyle is CEO of Domino’s Pizza. 

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