Intuitive Surgical's Robot Surgeons Encounter Human Lawyers

Intuitive Surgical’s pricey machines help doctors. Lawyers are getting plenty of work as well
Cost of one medical robot: $1.5 million. Growth in the number of procedures using Intuitive machines in the U.S. since 2010: 61 percent Photograph Courtesy Intuitive Surgical

After Michelle Zarick complained of excessive vaginal bleeding in 2008, her doctor found growths in her uterus and suggested she undergo a hysterectomy. Her gynecologist described one option, robotic surgery, as “the latest, greatest” minimally invasive technique available. With robotic instruments doing the delicate work usually performed hands-on by doctors, there’d be less pain and bleeding, Zarick was told. “In my mind,” she recalls, “there was no alternative but to use this fabulous technology.”

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