Salesforce Is a Cloud Computing King

Photograph by Aaron Dyer for Bloomberg Businessweek

2. Salesforce
Market Cap: $24b
Revenue: $2.8b
EPS: -$1.79, No. 2 in this year’s Bloomberg Businessweek 50 ranking, has been outpacing rivals Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP in the business software market by exploiting companies’ desire to stop managing programs for thousands of their employees and outsource the job instead. The company’s stock has climbed more than 170 percent in the past three years and Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff is expanding his portfolio of cloud computing software for sales, customer service, and online marketing by branching into new areas like human resources. Benioff spoke with Bloomberg News reporter Aaron Ricadela from his home in San Francisco about the competitive landscape and his plans for the coming year.

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