Carney Tells Canada Lawmakers Everton’s His Football Club

Mark Carney said Everton is his favorite U.K. soccer club, citing family ties when pressed for his allegiance by a Canadian lawmaker.

The Bank of Canada Governor, who will lead the Bank of England starting July 1, made the comment at the end of a 90-minute hearing in Ottawa yesterday.

“I am an Everton supporter,” Carney said. “I have got some cousins in Liverpool,” the city that contains Everton.

James Rajotte, who chairs the House of Commons finance committee, asked what team Carney would follow after leaving Canada, where ice hockey is the national passion. Carney was a backup goaltender for Harvard University’s hockey team and a longtime supporter of the Edmonton Oilers, the National Hockey League team in Alberta where he spent part of his youth.

“It’s been more enjoyable being an Edmonton Oilers supporter than it has been being an Everton supporter of late, since the Oilers are coming back strong this year,” Carney said. “Everton is doing ok,” he allowed.

Everton is sixth in English soccer’s elite Premier League, three places and five points ahead of archrival Liverpool. The Toffees won the last of their nine league titles in 1987, while Liverpool hasn’t been English champion since it claimed an 18th crown in 1990.

Carney will take over from Mervyn King, who is an Aston Villa supporter.

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