Saudis Approve $960 Million for Water Projects in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s water and electricity ministry has approved almost $1 billion in spending for new water, sanitation and irrigation projects in the capital Riyadh.

Municipal authorities announced $960 million of projects connecting such towns in the Riyadh area as Daramaa, Mazahmiya and al-Queaia with a desalinated water transport system and expanding drinking water supplies in the capital by building a pumping station in the Sa’ad well field as well as designing water and sewage plants, according to the website statement.

Saudi Arabia spent $1.1 billion last year on 128 water and sanitation contracts in Riyadh, according to the statement. The ministry has posted 89 projects around the kingdom this year on their official website.

Last month, Minister of Water and Electricity Abdullah Al-Hussayen said the government allocated $6.4 billion for water and sanitation projects in 2013. Saudi Arabia’s National Water Company has started work on a $133 million water storage plant in Jeddah to improve water supplies in that city.

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