World's Most Traveled Man: The Contenders

Two top guns are competing for the title of World’s Most Traveled Man. It’s been a turbulent ride
Fred Finn has flown more than 15 million miles, visited 139 countries, and in 2012 spent roughly 160 hours on planes Photograph by Sasha Kurmaz for Bloomberg Businessweek

For too long, Fred Finn was a champion without a rival. Since 1983, Finn, 72, a cheery, aristocratic, British-born businessman, has held the Guinness World Record for Most Air Miles Flown by a Passenger. He’s now past 15 million miles. Tom Stuker, 59, a fast-talking American who sometimes wears a cowboy hat, is at 13 million and coming up fast. Stuker flew 1 million miles on United Airlines this year alone. Finn racked up only 90,000.

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