Halliburton Deploys First Frack-Fluid Cleaning Unit in Australia

Halliburton Co., the biggest hydraulic-fracturing services provider, deployed its first bacteria-fighting truck in Australia to clean fracking waters and reduce the environmental impact of drilling for natural-gas.

The world’s second-largest oilfield services provider helps companies drill and complete wells using the pressure-pumping technique known as fracking, which blasts water mixed with sand and chemicals underground to free trapped hydrocarbons from shale formations.

Halliburton’s “CleanStream” unit, which was introduced about two years ago in the U.S., uses ultra-violet light instead of the more conventional biocides to kill bacteria in the fracking fluid. The company has paired the technology at some wells with a recycling process called “CleanWave” that uses an electrical charge to separate the contaminants and clean the water.

The CleanStream unit was “successfully” used during the fourth quarter for the first time in the Cooper basin of Australia, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Miller told analysts and investors today on the company’s earnings conference call. Halliburton didn’t specify who its customer is.

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