ELO, Echlon Deploy 3,400 Smart Meters in Amazonian City

ELO Sistemas Eletronicos SA, a Brazilian power-meter maker, has deployed 3,400 devices in the remote Amazonian city of Parintins to help state-controlled utility Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA reduce energy theft.

ELO will install another 12,000 smart meters in the region this year that will send the utility information about power failures and line tampering, according to a statement today from ELO and Echelon Corp., a San Jose, California-based company providing some of the components.

Parintins is located on an island in an isolated portion of the grid and has one of the country’s highest rates of energy theft because enforcement there is difficult, according to the statement.

“Parintins will be the first Brazilian city with 100 percent of the customers with a smart meter installed,” Marcos Rizzo, vice president of business development for ELO, said in the statement.

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