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Canada's Corn Belt Attracts the Hot Money

As temperatures moderate, the grain is winning favor up north
Canada's Corn Belt Attracts the Hot Money
Photograph by Raach/Laif/Redux

U.S. farmers in the Midwest, the center of corn cultivation in North America, have watched helplessly as the worst drought in more than five decades has devastated their crop. Canadian farmers in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, long one of the greatest wheat-growing regions on earth, have started planting corn.

The new corn zone reaches to Dan Mazier’s farm near Justice, Manitoba. It may literally end on the road dividing his property. “Manitoba’s crop insurance won’t insure corn north of the road, so I only plant it south of the line,” says Mazier, who planted corn for the first time this year. “I told them the sun shines on both sides of the road, but they haven’t caught up to the weather yet.”