Branded for Life

The secret joys and sorrows of Smiling Bob, Joe Isuzu, the Dell Dude, and every other actor who’s given their face to a company
Smiling Bob (left): Andrew Olcott was the beaming face of Enzyte, a “natural male enhancement” product. Today he runs a small advertising business; The Dell Dude (right): Ben Curtis was still an NYU student when his raves about Dell computers blanketed the nation in the ’00s. Now he’s looking for work Olcott: Photograph by Nathanael Turner for Bloomberg Businessweek; Curtis: Photograph by Jason Nocito for Bloomberg Businessweek

In January 2002, a Canadian actor named Andrew Olcott got a call from his agent. She wanted to discuss an unusual opportunity. Would he be willing, she asked, to audition for a TV commercial for a “natural male enhancement” pill?

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