Pioneers of Eco-Friendly Laundry

Two friends washed their hands of their corporate careers and reinvented the laundromat
Calleja hand-folds every item in the Manhattan branch of Eco Laundry. His previous job was doing PR for an investment bank Photograph by Ryan Bailey for Bloomberg Businessweek

Inspiration hit Phillipe Christodoulou outside an Argentine laundry: A customer was raging about missing items, the place reeked of industrial detergents, and rattletrap machines often ruined clothes. The Australia-born 35-year-old, who had quit his headhunter job for a London investment bank and moved to Buenos Aires, knew he could do better. “I took my bag of barely cleaned clothes home, threw them on the floor, and wrote ‘The Laundry Company’ on a piece of paper,” he says. “The rest flowed from there.”

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