Martha Stewart's Big Move From TV Star to Web Stalwart

Martha Stewart, a bust on daily TV, seeks her fortune on the Web
The challenge is making thousands of hours of video advice easily searchable for Web users Illustration by QuickHoney

Remember when Martha Stewart seemed on the verge of media overexposure? No longer. Hallmark Channel this summer ended her daily TV show, the September issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine has almost 40 percent fewer ad pages than last year, according to Media Industry Newsletter, and her company seems headed toward its fifth consecutive year of red ink. At less than $3, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia shares are worth a mere 8 percent of the $40 they hit after she took it public in 1999, serving orange juice and brioche to New York Stock Exchange traders. In today’s world, where Bravo’s Real Housewives throw tables, who wants to watch someone calmly teaching people how to repair one?

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