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Enter Goophone I5, Looking a Lot Like Apple’s iPhone 5

Enter Goophone I5, Looking a Lot Like Apple???s iPhone 5
Courtesy Goophone

Want to get an iPhone 5 but can’t handle the wait for the Apple release later this month? You might consider buying a knockoff from Goophone. This little-known Chinese company has just announced the launch of its own iPhone 5 look-alike, the Goophone I5, and says it has already patented it in China, according to It may even consider suing Apple when the Cupertino (Calif.) company starts selling its sixth-generation iPhone in China, reports the tech and gadgets website.

Goophone’s Apple clone (viewable on its website) is believed to be a close copy of the iPhone 5. Like Apple’s upcoming smartphone, it reportedly has a larger 4-inch screen. It also has a smaller dock connector. Apart from a small honeybee logo on the back (and, at $300, a likely cheaper price—Apple hasn’t announced what it will charge for its next phone in China), it looks remarkably like the much-anticipated next-generation iPhone. But it runs on Google’s Android system and is believed to have much more limited functions internally.